My Friends IRL On Hopscotch


Here's my friends that play hopscotch that I know IRL:
Los poeoples
I know their names are really weird XD

Who do you guys know on the forum?

I know
Circling Sugar Cookie
And whole bunch of others cuz everyone has hopscotch at my school


I know
+my almost entire school


I know
Drumroll please



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I know-
And that's it


I know some hopscotches

  • Crazy119
  • SuperMinecraftDragon
  • yourking10
  • Shilts

Thats all


So much truth...


I don't know anyone on Hopscotch in real life...


@Intellection74 and emmabutterfly444 are related to me. emmachilds is my friend. (emmabutterly444 and emmachilds aren't on the forum)


I only know @Ihasfluffycupcakes : P


I know these Hopscotchers irl:
No one else
Nobody else
That's about it, really.


No you don't lol


A lot of people in your school must code!!! a lot of people in my school have the app but they only play projects. i only know a couple people that actually code, and most of them are still rarley on and barley code! they are beginners mostly!


I know a couple people.

They're not incredibly advanced, but I'm trying to help them.:stuck_out_tongue:


You have a team of Super Coders there buddy...


I know:

1) nada
2) nope
3) nobody
4) Bob
5) actually, no, I don't know Bob


Well, pretty much all of them just play projects and/or are inactive.




Nada is a great coder, so is nope. You are so lucky to know them!