My forums is acting up



So, when I logged onto forums this morning, I saw this on my summary:

But when I checked my notifications, I didn’t see the “Earned Regular” badge. So, then I looked at other profiles, and when I clicked on the “Regular” badge, it said I could use “Regular” as a CURRENT title! Can someone help, because I’m honestly confused now…


Maybe you lost it? Did you get any flags? Oh wait… the grace period.


There are some requirements to get regular. It says your trust level is member, so you’ll have to wait a bit more until you get regular.


Okay, thank you @CreationsOfaNoob!


You’re welcome :D
The requirements are here:


…I seem to meet all the requirements. So, you said I just have to wait a bit? Then wait I will!


You are a member right now, but you will probably get regular soon!


When it says you can use it as a title means you can use it when you get regular. You don’t get it as soon as you reach 20k. It took me until around 30k to get regular :slightly_smiling_face:


To get regular, you have to be active 50 out of 100 days.

So as long as you’re active for 50 days, you can get regular.


I think you need to visit the forum more often

You’ve visited the forum about 30 of the last hundred days