My forum account welcome post!



Thank you!


And you can flag a post or a topic if it is mean, innapropriet, not Hopscotch related, or gives out personal info! Or if it is a spam or just doesnt seem right! But normally, people are not mean on here. I have only heard of a couple people that acted rude. but otherwise, this is a safe zone!



Thank you for teaching me about the forum!

I'm editing this post because I can't post anything because it's my first day so I will reply to everything here!

Thank You!

Thank You!


It was actually supposed to be TheLovleyPengu! But i misspelled it...
And I DID watch pingu quite a lot, quite a coincidence!


Thank you so much! :smile:

Thank you!

Yes. ;-; 5 More hours!


Thank you!

Thank you very much! :smile:


No problem! If you have any questions, i am pretty new but i am pretty active! Just call me to your question with the @ thing you just did!


Hi @Pingu! You do awesome drawings on hopscotch


Why hello there! (I do a formal bow).


Welcome! You are super awesome at drawing and coding!


Pengween! Pengling! Err, pengween? (Benedict Cumberbatch) Hi @Pingu! I used to watch Pingu...for a month, and is that where you got your name from?


Hi! You're welcome here (even @potato likes you!)! Know @everyone likes you!


If ya need any help, we are here for you. You can plan, do collabs, complain, interact with others, help, and much more on the fourms. Happy Hopsctoching!


Welcome to the forum!

@Pingu, did you get the daily limit for replies? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi! Here Is Some Basics!:


welcome to the forum @Pingu


Welcome to the forum!

the potatoes will welcome you!


Hey @Pingu! Welcome to the forums! You'll love it here! :smile:


I can reply now!




Thank you! :grinning:


:thumbsup: great! I love your art :D.


Thank you! I love your projects! :grinning: