My forum account welcome post!




This is my forum welcome post!
I am DaLuvlyPingu on Hopscotch! I enjoy drawing and coding, and I absolutely love penguins!

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Hullo nice to meet u. Welcome to the forum!


I love your drawings!!! Welcome!!!


Welcome to the forum!
You can ask anybody for help if you need anything, we are always here!
Don't forget to read the Community Guidelines, they are super important!


@Timelord007 Hullo! Nice to meet you too. Thanks!
@LazyLizard Thank you! I just read them. :grinning:
@LotsaPizza Thank you! Your drawings are amazing!


Also you are an amazing artist and coder!
This forum helps coders and artists find their answers!
If you want to show off some art, go to my Drawing on Paper topic, it has THOUSANDS of replies.
We are all so happy to have you here!


Thank you so much! Your projects are incredible! :smile:


Yeah! You have a talent for drawing :wink:


Feel free to ask as many questions as you want!


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Nice to meet you too! I really like your projects!


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Hi! I have seen you on Hopscotch! You are awesome! Welcome to the forum! I have enjoyed it, I hope you will too!


Omg hi Smiling Snowflakes!!! thanks sooooooo much for liking my projects! It means A LOT from you!!


@Intellection74 Thank you so much! :grinning:
@SmileyAlyssa I have seen your projects too! There really good!






It's awesome that you created a poll!
I voted potato, of course. You may have noticed that I like potatoes.
A few things:
When people say "GBOT" it means "GET BACK ON TOPIC"
Off topic posts are becoming a problem
If you have a poll where you express opinions, there are gonna be total trolls that vote mean things. They probably like whatever they voted about, they are just being trolls.


thats what that means??? i have been on here for a month and I didnt know what that meant! lol :joy:


Welcome to the forum!
If you were wondering there is a thing called flagging. If a post gets a certain amount of flags it will be closed by BOT. The evil robotic system :3