My first trail art! Feedback please?



New game, it's a trail art!

Feel free to give me feedback!
add your name in @RubyWolf1 @Petrichor


It's really good, tho maybe you could add a few more details on the bun.

Yay, first like and first post!


Okay! I'll take a note to do that!

Yay yay there should be a badge for that XD


K. And it's actually really good!

Yep. There actually should be.


You really think so? Thanks!




XD Ok ima GBOT



The ketchup work is really good!


There should be a badge for that lol


Thank you XD I used clones lol


It's good for a first trail art.
I would outline the bread thingy.
I'm really good at trail art so if you want more help just tag me.
If you don't believe me go to SneakyDragon on HS and look at mine.


I Believe you. XP
Thank you!


Also if you want a 3D effect.
Just have 2 trails going at the same time with the shade of e color and a darker or lighter color


Oh, ok. Thanks! Gtg..


It's cool! I don't understand why you said "new game" though.


Oops, sorry... Typo :smile:


I like it! That's good for your first trail art!

If you need help with more advanced trail art you can tag me :D


It's great! I hope to see even more cool and complex trail art in the future!


Ok! :)))))
Thank you!