My First Topic - By Razor!



I'm working on a pixel Mario game with levels and hope it will go big. However I'm having a bit of trouble with the physics. Like jumping on platforms and pipes and goombas. So can you help me make physics? None of the videos show any guide how to do this. :smile: Sorry for being ■■■■■■, just never worked on many game projects just art. Hopscotch username:Razor64

❌ CRINGE WARNING ❌ The cringey posts/projects topic 😝
Dudey's topic! (Has been April foolsed) rip

@Stradyvarious how do i put the link?


Click into your project, click the three dots, and then click share. And then press copy link! Hope this helped! :wink:

#5 Here the link thanks the finished product will have credits after you beat the game and you will get in if you help. :smiley:


So yeah I can't edit the title now but THIS IS THE NEW TOPIC POST
This was my first ever topic and post..
Don't give advice now :stuck_out_tongue: Some random glitch occurred and deleted all my progress back in early Feb.


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