My First Time On The HS Forum!



My name is Kathrine! You can call me "Kat" or "Kitty." This is my first time on the forum (as you can see)! So, can you guys tell me the rules and some of the important guidelines on the forum!



Hi! Even though I may seem new, this is just my backup. I'm actually @TheRealBlah.
You have limited replies on your first day!


Welcome to the forum! Do you want to be Friends?


@Watermeloon let me get the list of rules, just a sec...


What city do you like I like city


Here's the list of rules!


Also, what do you mean by "limited replies?"


You can only post 10 things. Then you have to wait another day to post again.


Oh, thanks!


You're @alohahawaiistudios


So.... what's your hopscotch account??


If you would like to jump right into Hopscotch forum. Make a collab!!!!!


Hi, here's also my account. @thefakeblah just sounded more entertaining.


My Hopscotch account is @KittyKat:unicorn::purple_heart:


Thank you @TheFakeBlah and @Work_kids_coding !


@Watermeloon your welcome! Want to be friends!


Sure! XD


Cool!!!!! I always like making new friends


check this out @Watermeloon!


Welcome! If you need help @ me. I'm Nindroid games™ In HS. What are you in HS?