My first quiz ๐Ÿ˜œ



This quiz is about how much do you like grilled cheese sandwiches
Here is the link:

Tell me what you got and any suggestions :grinning:


I will check it out later, Iยดm on my computer right now!


Ok @William04GamerA hope you like it when you try it!!!


That is so fun! I actually LOVE grilled cheese, I have it almost every day for lunch, but I got, "I like it as much as an average person" (Probably because I make normal grilled cheese and wouldn't do anything for one)


I am so happy you liked my quiz got any ideas how to make it better


You are amazing at making quizzes!

Off Topic

You website on your account is real?


I don't think there is any improvements needed! It is really good


Yeah is totally real!!!! @EP125


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I just need some more feed back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am le grilled cheese master :pray: Namaste

It's great! Maybe add some grilled cheese trail art/pixel art? Other than that, no complaints (<- that's not even a complaint lol)


Thanks for the feedback the only problem is that I am not very good at trail art or pixel art I don't have the patience @Malie


Maybe you could try something new and try it out!

Well whatever you choose to do, it's still super awesome :D


Very original!!

I got average person.

That's a both right considering that is my specialty.


Nice last night I played @SmileyAlyssa are you lazy quiz for the 300th time and I wanted to make my own I was trying to make it super original :grinning: I guess I succeeded


It's awesome! I got average person!


It didn't work for me. It just said Whoops!


I can't play it because it's an iPhone project.


@William04GamerA it isn't an I phone project!


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