My first project with an image!


I made a project on a how-to!
Eek! @Liza this is so cool! Best update ever!
I'll hopefully be able to update! Eek!
When you publish you get this message-


cool! seems great! i made a game as my first image project.


Activity centre? Has that changed?


Nope, the activity is the same.


Yay! It's been approved!




Thanks! I'm making a second one!
I'm using this free week as a picture project frenzy. :slight_smile:


@Liza I think my featured is glitching... Is this supposed to be like this)?


Did you get the activity center notification? If you did, show me!


This is an old version of Featured. Try reloading it.


For what? :slight_smile:


I'm speeding through my lunch (which isn't that fast) so I can code! Also, awesome project!!!:smile:


Which one? The totally coded iPad BG?


The anime eye project!


Your picture being accepted.


Scroll up! I don't have the picture on my phone.


Oh, that was really just a test. The eye isn't that well-drawn either! :sweat_smile:


I saw it!