My first post...


Hi Tsu! Hi Ray! It's me Starflight! Are you reading this? This is my first post!


What is this topic for? Please make sure that all topics are related to HS.



Welcome to the fourm!


If you want them to see it put an @ in front so it tags them like this @StarflightWOF see you should have a message above your user name


Hi, I'm IKeudin! You can tag me any time and I'll be happy to help. Tag me '@IKeudin'! Enjoy the Forum :slight_smile:
Make sure to keep things related to Hopscotch!


Hi! I'm Kitkat26! Welcome @StarflightWOF! If you ever need anything, just put an @ sign in front of my name like this @Kitkat26


@DinoProductions, I was just saying hi to my friends, saying that I had joined them on the forum. That's it. @DragonMc, is that RayMC? Also, I'm friends with @DragonQueen3 on Hopscotch. (the app)


Oh, I'm not sure but I don't think you need a whole topic for this, just say it on your or their general topic or go to the 'Talk to a Hopscotcher Take III" topic made by @AHappyCoder.


Ray is @HRR1213 I think, and I don't know if Tsu is on here.


@DragonQueen3 she not on here.


Nope i'm Dragon Mc on hopscotch


I know that now...thanks @DragonMc!