My first pixel art(feedback)


So today I made my first ever pixel art it's a basketball please tell me if its good for a beginner or what you think my username is ValueGamesStudio here's the link please tell me your feedback!


So what do you guys think of my first pixel art?


It looks great! :D
One thing I would suggest though, is that it's (the basketball) more circular!


Yeah I still working on that part... I'm more a Minecraft person more blocky


That's pretty cool! You should add a Set Speed (9999999999) block to make it draw a lot faster!


Okay do that in the next one thanks!


Yay 1 like (that was from me LOL)


Check again! :D


Yay thanks but it won't show your name but now I have 2 likes that's almost my best!:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:




It's really great, even if it wasn't your first! :DDD


If you do more in the future I recommend that you find a pixel art template on the internet by searching on images. You can build up your skills by continuing to make bigger pixel arts. Also if you want it to go faster you could have a new text object for each line. That basketball is an awesome job for a first pixel art! You even did squares! Good job!:grinning::+1:


Awesome first pixel art! Now every time you make another pixel art, you will get better and better! :smiley:


Really great for a first time! I recommend checking other people's pixel art codes to see how they work. You can check my profile if you want to see how to make them more efficiently! Also, since you're just starting out, I recommend searching up pixel grids on the Internet and copy them. Then, when you're better, you can make your own! Great to have another pixel coder on board!


Wow thanks you guys make me want to make more thanks a lot!!!