My First "Official" Music Piece!


I am very excited to announce my first official music piece on hopscotch! The other ones I had done I have had help with, and this is the very first one I made by myself. Any feedback from anybody?
Song Credits:
Sawmill Creek; Bruce Pearson (b. 1942)
I would like feedback from:
@Anonymous @Rawrbear
:smiley: Hope you enjoy!


I love it, it's really good! Great job, d!


Oh my gosh I didn't even realize that was rude


Awesome job! I may not be @Anonymous or @Rawrbear or even a good musicain myself, but this is really good. Give yourself a pat on the back :D


I know how to play sawmill creek! I play percussion, so I can play it on snare drum and bells. Anyways, great job! :wink:


At 19:33 It's so beautiful... :sob:

Erm, I mean your song is pretty good! :smile:


Awesome! I'm proud