My First Music Piece on Hopscotch!



Well I worked on this yesterday. Today's the first day of spring so I created this
Any criticism?
Also the song is 'The Spring (from the Four Seasons) By:Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)


I really like it! Maybe make the song start right when the play button is tapped instead of waiting. But that's it, great job!


Thanks @smishsmash !!!


Your welcome! @TallAOnForum


But waiting gives the player time to turn their sound in if it is off. The music is amazing though! :clap::smile:


I really like it!!! Its beautiful! :heart: The background is also beautiful


Oh, my favorite song! Make that second favorite.
I love the background, except the song is a little slow, did you change the "and wait ____ milliseconds" part of the Start Sound block?


Yeah since you can't make hopscotch hold note I kinda make it longer to make the note seem longer


Thanks @SnowGirl_Studios!