My first hopscotch story! (SIGN UPS CLOSED, STORY IN PROGRESS)



Okay okay yeah yeah "Ohh there's so many of these" well.....

i know.

You know we'll work on that later.

Okay! So I am making my first hopscotch story!
So these people get sucked into an iPad and they land into Hopscotch. Low and behold, into a draft. And that draft has what seems like A ENDLESS amount of bugs just scattered all over the place.

If that storyline is taken then I'll think up another one!
Anyways I need 7 major characters and 7 minor ones.
Forms are below:

I will pick the 7 major characters that will I like the most.
The rest can be minor that I did not pick.


Major or minor?:
HS user (or fourm user):



Here have a like <3

throws like



throws one back


Major or Minor?: Major
HS user: Idealess (if it's winter it'll be Ideabliss)
Nickname: Idie
Personality: Nerdy, usually quiet, optimistic, low expectations
Looks: Short black hair, pale skin and long blue sleeves
Extras? I'm a grammar freak. XD


Major or minor?: Major please
HS user (or fourm user): Lightningstrike
Nickname(optional): Lightning
Personality: usually calm and nice, but can get aggressive sometimes. Smart. Alert. Pessimistic
Looks: long brown hair, brown eyes, dark pink T-shirt and black shorts
Extras/info: always wears small Swiss army knife on chain around neck, knows lots of self defence stuff




Major or minor?: Major
HS user (or fourm user): WinningMonkey
Nickname(optional): Winnie
Personality: Shy, sporty, caring
Looks: brown hair blue eyes, like blue tops with denim shorts


But she never said anyone could be mayor




Major or minor?: Major
HS user (or fourm user): SenseiCoder​:heart_eyes_cat:
Nickname(optional): SC or Senny
Personality: Kind (but fierce at the same time), helpful, smart, kinda sensitive
Looks: Brown, wavy hair with blue tips, pale skin, blue-green eyes, blue T-shirt with a cute face, black leggings, purple flats, purple glasses, blue necklace
Extras/info: If possible, can I do some martial arts?


No wait look at this


Can I be in? PLEASE!!!!!!!


Major or minor?: Major

HS user (or fourm user): Steelhooves

Nickname(optional): Steel, Hooves, Scott

Personality: Neat, somewhat annoying, smart, loves humans (and has gotten used to them)

Looks: A steel-white Earth pony with a dark (close to black) mane. His hair also has a red strip on the left side. Steel wears no definite hairstyle. Steel, by the way, wears a green jacket, 24/7. Uuuunless weather says its too hot.(hint hint this could become a problem in the story! Heat problems!)

Extras/info: The reason for all the nicks are if some characters may want to call him something else besides Steel. He is great friends with Lyra, and managed to live in the human world retaining his pony form. For this story, Steel decides to become a human, and stays like this throughout.


Do you mean major?


Could you make your character a hooman? (Lol human ik I like saying hooman)


hmm, okay, ill let steel change into a human..
Okay, because Steel is gonna change human, he has no idea how to walk. make sure that in the story it looks as if he is learning to walk


welp, thats all major. xD


Major or minor?: Major-minor(an important side character)

HS user (or fourm user): StarryDream

Nickname(optional): Starry/Sweg Desk(by close frens)/StarryDrewn(by @JojoDude)

Personality: Creative, intelligent, sociable, and have a sense of humour. Reserved to certain people. Have a hot-headed side that will show at some points.

Looks: Straight waist-length jet black hair, almond-shaped blackish brown eyes, long lashes, thick dark eyebrows that have an angle at the end, slightly chubby face.

Extras/info: Often wears dresses and skirts, wool tights in winter/autumn/spring and black shorts underneath in summer.




Major or minor?: Major
HS user (or fourm user):Silver dolphin oh HS and Silverdolphin on the forum
Personality:Kind , loyal , very very very clever , gentle, confident, caring , generous and calm
Looks: Chestnut brown hair waist length , blue eyes , peach skin, a blue dress with black knee high boots