My first hopscotch story! (Actual story is being worked on here)



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Major characters
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Chapter One

"AHHHHH!" they all screamed in horror, quickly watching themselves sink into the world of Hopscotch. The furious winds thrashed them all around, bumping into each other. Finally, the landed onto the soft green grass. They all just sat there, silent. "Okay, well... are we going to get out here or what?" Lightning asked. "Well THAT'S going to happen anytime soon" Cat responded sounding annoyed. "Who even got us into this mess anyways?" She sighed. "Well if you don't mind you can sit here all you want, but I'll get us out of here." Steel said. But when he stood up, walked a few feet, then just fell down again. "Hehe" a muffled voice whispered. CWAB covered her mouth. "Uhh guys we're literally right in front of a house. Why don't we you know, go knock on the door?" Winnie spoke up, pointing to the house beside them. Everybody just shrugged, got up and walked to the door. Steel had to hold on to Senny though.
Lightning knocked on the door. No response, but they did hear a dog barking. "Hmm, let's go to the back of the house, maybe the owner just didn't hear us!" CWAB said after a while. They all went to the back of the house just to see a man and his dog. "OMG OMG" Cat jumped around.

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chapter 2

"Uhh what?" Steel asked impatiently. "You obviously dont know, WE'RE IN MAGMAPOP'S GAME!!" Cat squealed. "Uhh okay, whats so-- WHOA."
Lightning stood in shock. "Hm? Uh- Uhm- H-hello!" CWAB Said warmly.
A big ugly ant mutant stood infront of them. "Yeah, hey nice knowing you, but we're trying to get out of here, got any directions?" Senny said. The bug made this weird REEEEE noise. "HEY BUDDY, BEAT THIS!!!" Lightning took off his necklace, got his swiss knife and launched towards the ant thing. When he stabbed the ant in the stomach, in just fell onto the ground.



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