My first feature!


I just got my first feature! Yay! My summer project got featured! This is my first time being featured! yay! Any feedback to make my game better? Also, I have always wanted to be featured, so thank you everyone who gave me feedback and thanks to THT for featuring it! Yay!

Also, post your high scores here!



The project is so awesome! :D


It's amazing! You totally deserve it! :3


Thank you senpais! @maltese and @pingu!


Np. :D


You're welcome fren :D



Your project is awesome! It totally deserves to be featured! One of my favorite parts about it is that you can see your scores on a separate page, I've never seen anything like it! Congrats!!!! :D


Thank you! That was probably the most difficult part to code, because I had a lot of glitches with it! I showed my mom, and she was trying to help me fix glitches but she had no idea what to do! :joy::joy:


Great job figuring it out!!!! I think it's the most amazing feeling when you work out a bug! Great work!!!! :D


Thanks again! Yes, bugs are very frustrating.



bring out the gif.



I hath been summoned.



That was da meme

Mai boi got it.


When I saw it…



That project was amazing!


Thank you everyone! @happyfacegirl @KVJ @Huggingfluffybear

Ps. Those gifs are great!


I am so happy! It definitely deserves to be featured! You must've worked so hard on it! Good job!


Nice post! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I really liked that project and am so glad that it's on featured :D



I love it! :DD

Maybe you could add a flappy bird game? :smiley: