My first CONTEST!



Ladies and Gentlemen guess what? I have a contest!! It's going to be a game contest!! All you have to do is tell me your HS name and make a game!! You need to send me the link when it's done on this post!!


1.It most have a title screen
2. It has to be done by Septmber 25
3.No images!!
So I hope you enter!! @Goobrgrlrye and I will be making the prizes!!


First place : A follow 20 likes and a made certificate made on hopscotch and a SHOUTOUT and a drawing request!!
2.A follow 15 likes and a ribbon made on Hopscotch and a SHOUTOUT and a drawing request!!
3. A follow 10 likes and a SHOUTOUT and a drawing request!!
PS I will like everyone's game!!

Particapants List



Mine is AwesomeNachos :anchor:️. This seems fun!


Mine is Helioz

Hope I win and good luck to all!


Cool! I will enter...


May I help give out prizes?


Sure why not!! Have you read what the prizes are?


Yep! I could do shout outs if you want. I am pretty good at drawing, so I could give winners a drawing request.


Alrighty!! You can do the shout outs and a drawing request for ALL of the places so Fist second and third


Guys you only have 5 DAYS LEFT to make your game!! When you are done post the link in this topic!!


dont worry, im posting my game on the 19th of sept


Okay!! I am excited to see everyone's GAMES!!


is there like a participants list?


Ohh yeah I should put that on!!


@Rainboom Do you want to join?


Sorry, I'm pretty busy as it is :0

This sounds nice though! :D


Alrighty​:cry::cry::cry:It is fine!!