My first challenge!



Hi ! I felt like doing a challenge. Here are the details...

How To Join

To join reply and tell me if you are able to.

What is this challenge?

Try to draw something in only 2 minutes!
It can be anything, to ponies, to people, to hopscotch stuff...

When does this challenge end?

This challenge will end on April 11th.

What do I draw on?
You can draw on hopscotch if you want! Or even paper is fine.

Please do not say I am off topic. I am trying to make it as hopscotch related as I can :slight_smile:

Belle <3


Hello anyone???? ?????


Cool! This sounds fun, but unfortunately I am horrible at art, so I'm going to have to pass on this. :laughing:


This sounds fun! But wouldn't people cheat? Maybe you can make a game where you have 120 seconds to draw something and when the time ends you can't draw anymore!


Unfortunately, I am not a big coder. So I don't know how to do that. But thanks for pointing it out! I never thought of that before !


That's ok. Just some things we are not good at... :laughing:


It's ok! Soon enough you'll be able to code much harder stuff! Just keep on working on it! And no problem! :D


Ok thanks! That was inspiring too!



These are mah entries


Oh whoops. I only saw the two minute time limit now.



Those are really good! Especially the last one! Are you sure you drew that in 2 minutes? If so, WOW!


Before I started this challenge I hadn't seen the time limit rule. I only now do I know.


It takes me approx. 5 minutes to do one.


Can I join? I'm going to draw on the drawing pad. It won't be very good... Just a warning!!


Okay. Here you go. I won't be offended if it is bad!!:blush:


Yay that's fine!! You can do that!


Ha ha that looks so funny! Lol