My First Art Competition! (Or however you spell it)



Hey guys! I know a lota people like to draw, and i thought i might as well make a comp!! So, the challenge is to draw a spooky Halloween scene, but i want it to be origanal!! Use you IMAGUNASHUN!! Be CREATIVE!! And most off all, HAVE FUN!!!


First place: a free drawing request, a follow, a website, a free Spot on the BWG Crown Coders Wolf Pack, and spam likes.
Second place: a free drawing request and a follow
Third: a website and a follow

:heart: Thank You! :heart:


I will join! But if I get first place, can I not get spam likes? Oh, and can I fix some spelling mistakes in the title. :slight_smile:


Of course, no spam likes, and of course you can fix the title!! Any misteaks should be fixed, even if misteaks help sometimes


Can I join????


Of course!! Any one can join, but the drawings are due on halloween!!:jack_o_lantern:


Am I able to do it on paper?????


Of course!!! I forgot to include that paper is ok too


I would like to join! Just no spam likes if I win, please.


Of course!! No need to ask, you can just randomly join to!! :yum: