My final topic/question


How do you delete all of your projects? Anyway, this is my last topic, so bye!


No why may it be. I like you and I am not just sayed that


PS you can't


I saw the project that you were leaving :pensive:


Does anyone know how to delete all of your projects?


There's no way you can, unless you email THT or you manually delete all of them


I don't think you can


Dang. Well, ok thanks.


You can unpublish all of your projects, but that's it I think.


Well, um, you could unpublish them all, but that will take a looong time. I hope you consider staying! :/


Thanks, but I have no chance of staying. :wink:

Edit: I'm leavin-g because my friends think Hopscotch is for babies. I know I have my own choices, but I put my lifelong friends in front of people I don't know.


The Final Post...


NO i don't want you to quit



Okay, but no one can leave Hopscotch forever. I bet you'll be back next week.


A lot of people said they would quit and were only gone am hour! I'm so happy they are back, but lol :joy:


If your friends don't like and respect your choices they aren't really friendly. I hope you come back! ;-;


I know, lol!
A lot of people just do it for attention.


Don't leave! Code is the future! Make your own decisions! Your friends can't control you!


That could be little unintentionally rude. :wink: