My final topic... Ever


As not so many of you know, I'm going. I've already deleted the app and have been refusing to let myself on the forum. I had to for one bit just to make my final topics as I haven't shown enough appreciation for you guys. The reason I'm going is because Hopscotch isn't the fun, friendly, app it used to be; it's not THT's fault, they try so hard to make this app amazing, and it is. It's just that my views have changed and after lots of changes in the forum, the forum is a lot different. After I said I was leaving, I started spending lots less time on the screen and I realized that I need to stop. I spend way to much time on the screen and not as much time taking to real people. It isn't healthy for me. Also, I think that I've stopped wanting to be a coder. I thought it was an amazing thing, but after many months of coding, I've changed my mind. I'm not trying to say that hopscotch is a horrible app, it's amazing. Furthermore, I told my friends and they jumped with glee, so that made me feel like I should definitely leave. I'm sorry if you feel sad that I'm going, but everybody will leave someday, whether they are old or young, I just happen to be young. Soon enough, I'll fade away and you'll forget I even exist. Thanks for a great time here at Hopscotch.

Here are some people who made a huge impact on my life, I will never forget you.

@KVJ- You make an impact on everybody and I'm sure that will continue. You are so nice and funny. I am impressed by your projects every time a new one is made. I hope you have a great life and continue to impact the live's of many.

@SmileyAlyssa- As soon as I joined Hopscotch, I wanted to be friends with you. You are always so kind, funny, and are an AMAZING coder. I'm always hoping a new project will come out. Thanks for making me, and everybody else smile every time we talk to you.

@Sweetlina- Even though I met you recently, I enjoy talking to you greatly. You are so kind and helpful to me. I like it how you always help a friend in need, I hope you have lots of success in life and live a great life.

@BB-Box- Thank you for being an idol, friend, coding partner and more. Every time I talk to you, I smile. You are so kind and are amazing at pixel art. Thank you for being my friend.

@Madi_Hopscotch_- Every project of yours deserves game changers, you are an amazing coder and such a nice friend. I love how kind you are to everybody and how well you handle flame wars. I hope you have a great life!

@Maltese- You always make me laugh with your jokes. You are also so kind to everybody and always make everyone smile. I can't believe you ever talked to me and became my friend. Thank you so much.

@Dude73- You are such an amazing coder and such a kind person. I like how funny you are and how nice you are to every single Hopscotcher. I hope you have a great life and follow your dreams.

@Smishsmash- Thanks for all the chins and the laughs. You always make me smile and laugh. I hope you have an amazing life and accomplish everything you want to.

@TheRealBlah- Thanks for being my friend! You are so kind and are an amazing coder. I hope you have a great life.

I probably forgot people because I'm so tired. Sorry! You guys are all so nice and I will miss you.


EP125 out bye...


Bye @EP125. You will be dearly missed ;,;


Goodbye, @EP125. ;-;
I'll miss you a lot, you're an awesome person! Best wishes for your future. :D


You're an awesome and friendly coder. Your life and friends are more important, but pls be wary if they try to manipulate you. (Isn't them "jumping with glee" a little off?)
I'll miss you.
k bai


No! You were also one of my favorites!


Well, hopefully we don't start another chain reaction that causes 5,000 people to leave....


We understand. You are an amazing person, and the world is beckoning to you. The shoutout was so kind and beautiful, thank you so much. Fair well, good friend. You won't be forgotten. ;n;


Bye ;n;

I'll miss you a lot but I respect and agree with your decision.


Noooooooooooo! ;o;
Bye @EP125, you will be missed. Have fun in life! :slight_smile:


Why is your profile picture the same as @Zachyswag's?
Also as TheRealBlah's friend I really do appreciate it. I'll log onto his account to say thank you for him.


I should say thank you for being my friend!


Thanks @EP125, I hope you have a great life and enjoy every bit of it.


Enjoy life! I hope Hopscotch is something you'll never forget, just like we will never forget you. :slight_smile:


Ep125... I will miss you.

Everyone will.

Bye. :slight_smile: This is your choice and we are all ok with it! I hope you come back one day!


bye EP..
ugh, I'll miss you.
You're an amazing coder, keep on coding!
Even if it isn't on hopscotch


We will miss you.

You were an awesome coder!


Thank you so much for those kind words.

I'll miss you RedPinnEPerry.


Thank you guys so much! I'd better go now though.


Bye @EP125, you will be missed. ;-;


I think I have hypophernia


Bye, we will all miss you!