My Featured is Full of the Levels ;-;


Please halp.

Chillanna and her cows and farm animals have invaded my Featured. ;-;
I'm on the Save the Peepos account, if you want to know.
It's working on my phone just fine, though!
Here's a screenshot!

I don't want to email because I've emailed them WAY TOO MUCH these days.


Try re-freshing hopscotch! :wink:


Are you sure you're on the Featured page?

It may be because it is a new account?


Yeah, I'm sure it's the Featured tab!


I did, but the levels are still on Featured. ;-;


R u sure your on featured?


I think it's because the account is new. For newbies the HS team probably want it to be easier to get to levels.


Yes, I'm sure. I'll check again.
I just checked. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Yes, I'm on Featured.


It's because the account is new I think :D


@Snoopy Maybe try refreshing Hopscotch. Or redownloading Hopscotch.
Also why do you have a new account?


It's another account to promote the Peepos!
I also did refresh hopscotch, but the levels were still there.


Same with me! I wonder what's going on...


It started yesterday night, did that happen with you too?


Nvm it only goes on new accounts by it was on in my hotel room :3


Well just wait then. That's my only advice.


What I mean by hotel room was the Hopscotch Hotel!


@Snoopy ,this happen to me when logging in to a new account.Tje featured tab can be the HS level or some older featured stuffs like Valgo's Kaleidocodmos and others.


Happened to me too when I logged in the Peepo account.


If I remember correctly, when you are a newer Hop they display the levels on the featured tab instead of the actual featured projects; so the new coders can learn how to code on Hopscotch!


@SmileyAlyssa , do you know when it will change back?