My emails are burning

Ok I know this is not related to HS but there are creepy emails being sent to me by Rawrbear and SWWH.

Quick story: Yes, I quit HS officially (I've also lost interest in finishing Bounce) about a month ago. Everything is better. But then yesterday "Rawrbear" sends me an email saying "What's burning?" Then, just a few minutes ago, seawolfwerehorse sends me an email that says "BURNING BURNING BURNING (...)" Now I'm scared because the person who wrote those emails might infect me and leak all of my emails and stuff.

What should I do? What if it infects me?

And what if something like that infects HS users (six degrees of separation, anyone?)?

Now that's why Liza made the rule...


Is it really @Rawrbear and @seawolfwerehorse?

I just tagged them.. maybe they did, maybe it's a faker who saw your email.

No matter what - do not give your email to anyone. Even if you know them IRL.


Are you in the same school of Rawry and SWWH ?
How do they know your email?
Omgee, I'm so scared now. That's scaree

Wait, @Rawrbear @seawolfwerehorse whats going on?

Im sure its not them and its an angry fan or a troll...... anyways I dont know :H

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SWWH's email I had before emails were banned
We live in different states

But Rawrbear goes to my school, I can easily talk to him tomorrow


Could be a troll?

I dunno, i wasnt here for a while

Rawrbear's email I got because friends, right?
SWWH's email I got from some writing collabs before the email ban.

Well trolls usually aren't creepy.

I'm late, but that's like scary

I would say otherwise, but those emails were creepy

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6 minutes late lol

That's a long time

I don't think it would infect your device. Knowing Rawry, he wouldn't do that to you.

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Even if it was a troll, it probably wouldn't infect it

Just delete the emails

It said "This email may not be sent from Rawrbear"

And who knows who Rawrbear emails every day?


And block them
<20 characters>

Wat happened

Oh yeah, it's even scarier with the title, which is "THERE IS NO TIME LEFT".

Hold on, I'm going to try to get SWWH to rejoin the forum.