My drawing pad needs help!


Hello I have a question I'm having trouble with my drawing pad I recently added a peach color but it only allows me to draw with it if I tap it and then draw with out letting my fingers go as soon as I let go the color changes to the one below...
Please help

Here is the link it would really help if you guys gave me ideas on how to fix this!


Anyone please help I really want to do this!


You need to add the peach to the bit on the bottom with the arrows and color options. :slightly_smiling:


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I don't know how? I feel bad


I am going to try adding it to my drafts and see what I can do.


You put "When Peach is pressed", which makes it so you can only draw peach when that circle is pressed.


I don't have any more space for screenshots plus there would be like 10 to screenshot so I think it's best if you look on the code ...personally in the project.. Lol thanks :grinning:


Thanks but I would rather do it myself sorry I just like people telling me ideas on how to do it but I do it otherwise I don't feel proud of myself


That's what I did.... Exactly


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I fixed it! (Check code)

here is the link


Just use it as an example for all of the other colors.


That's the problem, which can be avoided if you made a value that sets to 1 if you tap peach, and then make it so when that value equals 1, leave a peach trail.


Thanks you thanks you it crying thanks yayayahayayyayaya I'm so excited you just opened up a whole new world for me you deserve a shoutout and a drawing.... Help yourself who r u in hopscotch because u deserve a follow too for being awesome!


I am still Dude73 in hopscotch. And no need for all that! :slightly_smiling:


Simply do:
Change Trail Color to (Peach)


oh thanks for being so kind... i follow you!! :relaxed: