My Drafts aren't loading


And can you play projects in the community?

What model of iPad? Do you have another one that works better?



Yeah, they work… As far as I know

iPad Gen4

No, just my computer (The one I named Sam)


Here’s a screen shot of what happens to me:

This is with a project that I saved two days ago.

After a day, either this or the infinite loading screen repeatedly happened.

It was mostly the Womp! Something went wrong!
I am on an iPad 5th generation, the one that came out in March. The other projects in the community seemed to be working. I am also on the newest version of iOS and Hopscotch.


What’s the project? Something might have gone wrong with your project code/the hopscotch code that I can look into.


@Yusamac205 @Xman0417
If you send me the names of a couple particular projects that don’t work and your username on hopscotch I can look into it


@awesomeonion the one that says:

AHC made this possible. ig…


If you can see, it’s one in my draft.

I’m Xman0417 on Hopscotch. The project that this happens with is my Undertale Soundtrack but ONLY when it is saved in my drafts. No changes have been made.

Edit: this is the latest version of the project that I published.


Hi Awesomeonion

And I sent an email regarding one of my really hard worked games being sort of wrecked.


Did you end up finding a fix for this? I am not getting an error when I try it.


This one is not broken for me, did you end up fixing it?


@awesomeonion They were. But I handed off the draft now. So when I get it back, I will probably need help getting it to work again.

(Also, it won’t even load up now… Probably because it is an unpublished draft.)


There was a new update, and the drafts have loaded fine.