My Drafts aren't loading


Idk why that second image didn’t load so here it is


Huh, what’s your hopscotch username?

And just to check, this is the app store version, you’re not a beta tester?


My hopscotch account is My_Pizza and no I’m not a beta tester. (And before anyone asks I do have the latest version of hopscotch)


Is this happening for every project on the community or just some of them? And also all of your drafts, or just the drafts that are not currently downloaded to your device?


Majority of the community projects don’t load and for my drafts I’m not sure what you mean by downloaded but any new drafts I make won’t play and any recent ones I made stopped working too. The only ones that seem to work is my really really old drafts


One bug that we know about (and are trying to figure out how to fix) is that if you open a draft and immediately press play, it will sometimes not load. Especially if you have an older device. Try waiting 10 seconds before pressing play to see if that helps.


The community projects I’m not sure about. When did the problem begin?


Ok I’ll give it a go but when the glitch first started I had made a new draft and put a bunch of code in without pressing play. Then when I hit play it just kept loading forever.


About 12 hours ago… I think?


Not right now actually. But I see @awesomeonion replying (I think so), so this means that THT at least are aware of this issue :slight_smile:


I tried waiting ten seconds on a couple of my projects but I’m still getting the same result. Hmmmmm. I’m considering logging out of my account and then logging back in again but I’m worried this issue won’t save what I’ve done in my drafts once I’ve logged out.


Not really @HopscotchRemixer


Which drafts are you worried about? I can check in the admin interface what has and has not been uploaded.


@HopscotchRemixer we still have the collab remember did the drafts not load there?


Do I just need to give you the name of the project(s)?


Yes please. Which projects are you concerned about?


Mostly the one titled “Copy of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes”

(You can kinda guess what game I was trying to make :joy:)


Other than that if the other drafts don’t make it I can easily remake them way better.


Would it be ok if I published it so you can make sure your latest changes have saved?


Yep go ahead! (Filler for 20 characters…:joy:)