My draft deleted for an unknown cause once I logged out of my account


Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username:
What kind of device are you using?:
An iPad (a pretty recent one)
1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened):
I was coding, then I logged out of my account. When I came back, the draft had deleted itself
Steps to make the problem happen:

  1. Log out of account
  2. Log back in

I expected this to happen:
To see the draft
But instead this happened:
The draft had deleted itself

Here’s a sweet screenshot:
I can’t really screenshot it so…

@Ana can you recover the draft for me, or does it delete from the servers after a few days?


It was synced I assume?


image image

[OPEN] Draft deleted completely

Weird. Did you “sync” your draft? I think that Hopscotch should tell you if you have drafts that aren´t synced (saved in the cloud) before you log out.


Yeah, it was synced. It didn’t tell me anything, and right before I logged out it didn’t say anything about any projects.


Thanks for that. Unfortunately, it wasn’t there. The only thing that was there was a slideshow project.


For some reason it worked for me


That’s odd…
That’s happened to me once, and I think it’s happened to @CoderOfMagic a couple times…

Tag Ana and HC and ask for their input


Can you recover a draft for me? It deleted itself from my account, BabyButterfly:butterfly::butterfly: on HS. I was wondering if there is a cause for this to happen, or is it just a glitch


@hopscotch-curators y’all would also be able to help with this I think.
Thanks guys


What’s the name of the project?


It’s “Social Media Page (2 accounts)” I think, but I know it had Social Media Page in it


It should show in published.


I sent the HS team on the 6th of March about draft progress being deleted. I got a form response, and then a bunch of questions, which I answered. Nothing happened, until a couple of weeks later when I got an email thanking me for my patience. Nothing has happened since then. Is anything at all happening to be working on by deleted code since nothing has happened for yonks and I really want my code back. @Ana?!?!?!?