My dodge game with pics and a poll

I have this super fun game I would like to show you guys. If you could rate it I would be so happy. Also please see the game before voting. Here’s the link Dodge. Here’s a poll. [poll public=true]


Come on no one sees this post except 1. I am so angry.

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Could you make this a private poll?

I'm sorry, but some people might not want you to see what they vote for.

Oh ok I will so other can be free.

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OMG I died on level 7

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Why would they want that ohhhhhhh
Yeah I get it now

No "this game is good or great" option??

It's very cool. It's cool and cool and cooooool

This is a cool game! It reminds me of my featured game Dodger!

If my game got featured, and yours is just as good as mine, then yours can make it too!