My Daily Shoutout In My Bio Topic!


this is my topic were u can request a shoutout in my bio daily!
If I am offline for a couple days and don't do this it is ok!
I will give u a shoutout later!
And there will be only ONE per day!
Lots of people are doing this in there bios so I wanted to do one!
And today the first post that requests one first gets the one for today!
And u can not request a shoutout twice in a row but u can at different times


Me? Pweez?! I would love that! Elle XD


Ok i did it!
U can see!
Ur mai first one ao far!



me please me please @Paige1212


I will @PrincessBunny1


Can you do me please lol


K I will!


Thank you! Lololol



Great idea! :slight_smile: