My confessions and my hopscotch story. I'm sorry


Feel free to post your confessions too.

My confessions: I did love rps in the beginning. I said where I lived the city of where. I asked for a boy.friend on hopscotch

My story:
I joined hopscotch in February. I scrolled though to see what people made. I made a background thing that said hi I'm murphy​:smiley_cat:. I saw a project that said please like I spent a lot of time on this. Well that's what I made. Then I saw it. The rps. I quickly joined in these. It felt so good pouring out anger, hate, love, and other emotions into that. I communicated with a girl named (not going to tell) . I asked her where she lived and what she looked like. She responded. With the answers. We talked. I made a project asking for someone to be my boy.friend. I a reply. I asked the same things I asked the other girl. I felt like I was living the dream. Then I did a reply on @BuildASnowman piano thingy. I said that it sounded nothing like the original. I'm sorry @BuildASnowman I'm soooo sorry. It sounded good. He gave a reply to that. I also remixed. A lot. One day, a few months later corvous made Rock Paper Scissors. I was very inspired and made one. Then I made a a game with the hopscotch video. I was so happy and proud of myself. Expecting a lot of likes I published both. No likes came. I liked the project my self. Then I realized that this was my calling not rps. One of my projects got on rising. This is what I was meant to do. Not rps.
There you have it. I'm not the person you expected me to be. Change your mind about being friends with me.

Thank you whoever you are Corvus/ @GysvANDRegulus.

I'm sorry guys. I'm just a disappointment after all.

Guise... put your Hopscotch confensions here

Of course I'm not going to stop being your fren.
You're still a good person, a wonderful person, A SOUPR AWSUM perskn, and the past doesn't change that fact.


Thanks @OnceUponATime but you don't have to do that. You're a amazing person and you deserve better frens. I will leave now.


It's okay, everyone makes mistakes.
Look at all of mine


Hear that? NO.
You are awesome and amazing and don't you dare think otherwise. I don't deserve you as a fren. You aren't leaving us.
Calls in @KVJ
Help me convince her.


I thought...?


You're not a disappointment! You got on rising! You started the Hopscotcher Days! You're nice, and an amazing person!


One of my confessions is... My first scrolling website was a total copy of @ihasfluffycupcakes's scrolling website template. I was jealous because I couldn't make one of those. She found out and I deleted the project. I'm sorry.


I have a huge confession...

But I just can't say it.

I am not going to judge you on your past actions. That's in the past, you made mistakes, we all make mistakes. It's ok. You're really nice and I want to be friends with you.


Everyone makes mistakes fren! That's how you learn.


We all make mistakes, and we all improve and learn overtime. Nobody, and I mean nobody, is perfect. You are most definitely not a disappointment. In fact, you're the opposite! This topic proves that we are all human and we learn through experiences. You're a kind person inside. I know we all are. Sometimes, we just need a little push to keep ourselves going. :)

I think this topic is okay as long as we don't hurt each other's feelings. We can point out how we learned from some of our mistakes, but make sure to not bring yourself down. I know that each and every person here is amazing and wonderful in their own way. :smiley:


Goodbye. I don't deserve you guys.(in a good way XD)


Don't leave please


No, it's us who don't deserve you! Please stay!


Yes you do

We support you

Please don't leave just because of your actions in the past


To prove we are all humans I'll confess something I've never told anyone

I hacked a public account once. Didn't post anything bad.. But I did publish their unfinished drafts... I feel really bad for doing it to this day and regret it.

Don't give up

We all make mistakes and we learn from them


Someone gave us their password once and I went into their account and deleted drafts and projects.
Oh my gosh
I also made something in the drafts saying I was magmapop
I feel so bad


Wait so.. If I have the whole story, you're just confessing your past actions?
Look, we've all been there. I've done some pretty questionable stuff myself. But you changed, and you made yourself better! If you're not like that anymore, then why quit? You've done some amazing things around here, and I hope you stay. But if you want to leave, then leave. I don't wanna keep you here if you'll be unhappy.


Lol asked for a boyfri.iend on hopscocth that must of been a huge confession for


Aww, please don't leave:( you are a great person and friend to everyone

"You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don't try to forget the mistakes, but you don't dwell on it. You don't let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space."


Yes ur right !