My coding partner



Hi there guys
I have published a coding partner form on my hopscotch account, which is xXIshaRulezXx, so if you are interested in being my coding partner, fill out the form and there is more info on the form about it.(OMG this sound like a job advert :joy::joy:)
Thanks for reading,


I need more people to fill in the form
I have had 5 so far
@Dude73 and @PearlRULEZ I was wondering if you guys would help me spread the word
I will even make a project on hopscotch giving a shout out to you
Thanks soooo much
p.s the more people that fill out the form the more fun it will be, trust me:grinning:


I can try, to spread the word.


And I will email @PearlRULEZ (I know her in real life) to see if she will help me
She probably will as she is my BFF and I'll get my sister to help too


I posted a project announcing it on my profile. Hope it helps!


Maybe @PearlRULEZ could be your coding partner! :smile:


You're awsome
Thanks so much


I think that would be a bit unfair as she is my best friend in real life
If I have her as a coding partner I would pick someone else so it would be a bit more fair
(Not trying to be rude or anything)


She might choose me but you never know she might choose someone else ...


Yh sure I'll do it


The announcement you gave for xXIshaRulezXx coding partner thing you said she's a he


I told @Dude73 on another one of my posts
The one to do with hair style requests


Thanks pearl
Your the best:grinning:


Well, it's more convenient because you know her in real life! I know @MobCraft in real life, and he's my coding partner! It's more convenient for communication! :smile:


Yeah, that is true. I know Bellieboo :cat: And GlitteryUnicorn 🦄 In real life, but the don't code often so I am looking for a partner.


Yeah I guess so. Though if you have a sister like mine, who has no clue how to code, it's impossible to make stuff with her.:joy::joy:
@PearlRULEZ is really fun to make projects with though.


Here's a like! :heart:


Hey thanx
So have u chosen your partner yet ??


Once I get enough people applying I will make a round where you have to make a project that I tell u
The winner will be based on that
And I know this isn't hopscotch related and I'm sorry if ur reading this and u want it to be hopscotch related
But can u check your email pearl it's really important
Sorry if your a moderator or something
Please don't close this topic


Dun dun dun
My coding partners have been chosen
They are...
And @Dude73
So coding partners
What do you want to make first
I already have a collab account with @PearlRULEZ called Chocoholic
But I also want you as a coding partner
It might just be you and me making it for a while as @PearlRULEZ has no wifi till 29th March