My coding contest!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to tell everyone about a coding contest I'm making and the rules. Well, the coding contest goes like this: 1. Make a game. You can make a game using the videos or just by yourself. You can work in groups, but you have to ask the people first if they want to join and you also have to tell me who's in your group. 2. Be nice. I know you can't really do anything bad in a game, but I'm just saying. 3. You have to tell me you are in and you can tell me the name of your project in hopscotch or you can post it on this forum. 4. Have fun!!! Don't make something too challenging, because you might not have enough time to make it. Turn your game in on January 1, 2016. I will present the winner on this forum, so pay attention. I will then post the winner on hopscotch, so you can look up Victoria's coding contest. Tell me if you have advice or a question. Thanks to all of you and I hope you good luck with your project. (You can make a backround, art, a movie, or anything you code in. The winner will get a prize. But like Willy Wonka says, "The best kind of prize is a surprise.)


I love the Willy wonka quote​:chocolate_bar:

I would love to join but I'm in the middle of hosting a contest.

Good luck though!!

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Thanks, you'll need luck too on your contest.


Anyone want to join?

It's been two months since anyone has replied!!!