My code is not working



Hi everybody. I am programming Fuzzy Draw.I got the main part covered but I'm trying to an eraser and I'm not able to.I'll add some screenshots.


Can we see pictures of your code, not your project?


For some reason it is not letting me add any pictures.


Can you publish it in #help so we can see it? And possibly add a link to it?


How do you add a link to hopscotch?



It says how in this post


I found out.
The link is posted above.


This is the link


I know, I replied right as you did it.

Can you explain this piece of code to me and what it's supposed to do?


If you check one of the pictures you will see text saying eraser, another named pencil eraser and another saying erase full page. So when the value pencil eraser or erase full page equals 1 it either erases the full page or erases a little bit. So when whiten and eraser off (which means you have already pressed something equals 1 that thing happens.


Those values are not going to work they all mean they same thing but your using them all wrong


I'm fixing it now. You have a lot of unnecessary values :confused:


Not perfect, but better than before.

Here's the remix


She has values that mean the same thing and she isn't using them right


Yeah. The eraser doesn't work perfectly, but it's better.

A) I replaced "eraser off" value with "eraseropn" (eraser open)
B) Deleted the code in the screenshot above. I don't really know what was supposed to happen there.
C) Added a "fuzz" value so it knows when to do the fuzzy lines and a normal one
D) Deleted one of the "check once if"s and put it in a different rule with the pencil eraser
E) Switched the "pencil eraser" and "erase whole screen" conditions with "eraseropn"

That's all I remember changing, but there was some more


hmmmmmm Do You Use The White Leave a trail as the eraser?


Yes. I set value color to 3 for pencil eraser and leave a trail color white width 3000 for full page


Eraser off value is supposed to turn off the eraser


Can You Post A ScreenShot Of The Eraser?