My Cinco de Mayo game!



I made a Cinco de Mayo game where you choose a pet and make them a sombrero for a Cinco de a Mayo party. Could Hopscotchers play/like it so it could possibly get featured for Cinco de Mayo. It took me a while and I hope you like it! @SmileyAlyssa @Bananadog @OrangeScent1 @MagmaPOP


Sounds super cool! Can you get the link so we can view it? Thanks!


Sure! Here it is:


If you play it can you tell me if the background shows up black? It should be red.


Cool game! But isn't it a little early?


Yes but I wanted to give it time to get "popular" so it could get featured when it actually is Cinco de Mayo


Wow! That's great! Keep up the good work! :D
PS- it was red


Next time, you may want to publish it about 3 days early instead of 2 weeks early; it could get buried in your projects and The Hopscotch Team may not be able to find it to feature it!
You could just publish a remix constantly or when it's almost Cinco De Mayo (also could be translated to these funny combos, "Cinco De Mayonnaise" or "Fifth of Mayonnaise", but it really is "Fifth Of May".). :wink:


Thanks for the suggestion!