Something happened to either the power strip or whatever, or my charger, because my iPad is not charging while the charger is plugged in.
Who knows what to do because I don't wanna buy a new charger!!


I know! But I wanna quickly type this to be first!


Are you plugging it directly into the powerpoint or is there a multiple slot adapter?


My parents are sleeeping so I don't know what that means but if you mean it's plugged into the white thingy and that's plugged into the wall or a multiple thing that has power stuff, then yes.


Multiple slot adapter, I think.
Edit: yes


Oh and um I'm pretty sure that my charger is an original apple charger bought at the store.


Ok, so what you do is turn off the actual power point (the switch) and there should be a small black button, if you press it, it'll reset the adapter and HOPEFULLY it should work. Other than that, it's probably broken. Before you buy a new one, plug the USB cord into another Apple adapter to find out whether it's the USB or Apple adapter that's broken.


How do I turn off the power point


Maybe the adapter is broken, because I'm always taking it in and out while I travel...


You must not have off switches in America, plug it out, press the black button, and plug it back in. If there aren't black buttons on the adapters, unfortunately, there's nothing I can do... I've never used American stuff before,


Sorry, it isn't related to HS... :wink:


I have a red switch but I don't know what it does and I can't look down there for a black button atm


And if my iPad doesn't charge, I can't USE HS!




Yeah it is, she needs her iPad to use Hopscotch and she needs to be able to charge it to use it! :wink:


Press the red one then!


I'm a girl :slight_smile:


Whoops, sorry! I'll edit the post! :blush:


Oh shoot my moms up
Okay I need to sleep but I'll try later thanks :smiley:


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