My Book! It's On the docs! It will soon be in hopscotch!


I am writing a book! It is on the docs. I know this has nothing. To do with hopscotch, but don't flag! I am planning on making it a game or story or movie on hopscotch! Don't check it out! Don't tell your friends! Don't read my awesome Legend of Zelda Fanfiction!

ignores everything. sees how awesome Linktastic929 is at writing and how cool this book is! tells friends about it. Checks it out


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You can post the story straight on the forums, if you like. Put each chapter in details so it isn't so long :wink:


What do you mean? How do I do it? Tell me more pls


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Chapter One

Link awoke a few feet from the royal throne of Hyrule Castle. Zelda was sitting next to him hugging him. King Nohannsen was peering over him, and Impa was tending to him. “Oh, thank Hylia! I thought you were dead!” Zelda cried. “Really? How long was I out?” Link asked. “Three days.” Zelda answered. Link was speechless. He tried to stand up, but a throbbing pain in his head told him otherwise. “Here, drink this Life Medicine,” Impa said, handing him a vial of red liquid. Link downed quickly, due to its bitter taste. His headache miraculously disappeared. He was handed his pack by Impa, and noticed it felt a lot lighter. He peeked inside and noticed a lot was missing, including his sword, bombs, hookshot, and bow, among others. “Where did all my stuff go?” Link shouted. “I took your belongings and hid them in places you won't ever find them,” a chilly voice cackled. All of a sudden, a huge silver sphere came crashing through the roof of the Royal Hall. “It is I, Eyesical!” boomed the sphere. A slit appeared in the middle of the sphere, and then then the slit became an eye. A beam shot out of the eye, hitting Zelda, turning her to ice. “NOOOOO!” Link screamed. Eyesical shot a tractor beam at Zelda, and carried her off into the distance.

Chapter Two

“I've got to go save her!” Link said to the King. “I know, and you will. The thing is, you are not properly equipped to do that. You must take these rupees and go to the bazaar and buy new equipment. Then, go and find the rest of your stuff,” the King said, handing Link three hundred rupees. Link took them and went to the center of town. He first to the fletcher, and bought a bow and twenty arrows for one hundred rupees. Next, he went to the shield smith and bought an iron shield for fifty rupees, because his wooden one wasn't going to cut it. Then, he went to the armourer to get some protection. He got a set of chain mail to where under his tunic for 100 rupees. Finally, Link returned to the King with 50 rupees to spare. As Link got closer, he realized that the king was holding a sword in a sheath. “I want you to have this sword, Link.” The king said. “It is called the Royal Sword. It has a blade made of pure titanium, and a grip made of red dragon scale, causing you to shoot sword beams at will.” “Thanks!” Link said, ecstatic about his new sword. “Oh, I had almost forgotten! Take this, it will help you on your journey.” The king handed Link a seed satchel with twenty ember seeds. “Now go, save my daughter!” The king said. And thus, Link set off for the long journey ahead.

Chapter Three

The King had told Link to meet the Great Maku Tree on where to head next. After some trekking, Link found the Maku Tree. When he got near to her, he realized that she was sleeping. “Uh...hello!?” Link shouted. “Huh Wuh!?” the Maku Tree snorted. “Oh. Oh! Why hello! Sorry for that, I was just taking a nap! Wait a minute! You must be Link, the great hero off to save Zelda! And you've come to me to see where you have to go first! Well to do that, I have to be at full power, and to do that, you need the eight essences of day. And the first one is right under me! But I must warn you, I have a bit of an infestation. So, good luck!” And with that, a hole opened up under Link, and he fell into the depths below.

Chapter Four

When Link hit the bottom of the hole, he noticed a chest right next to a sign. First, he read the sign. It read, ‘Map of Gohma’s Cavern. Beware of parasitic bugs.’ “Parasitic bugs?!” Link said out loud. He then looked in the chest, finding a compass and a map of the cave. “These should be useful.” Link thought. As he made his way down the main area, he saw an egg like object. Curious, he walked closer. All of a sudden, a giant, spider-like being burst out of the egg. Link, being a quick thinker, quickly took his sword out of its scabbard, and swung his sword at the creature, cutting it in half. The carcass stayed in existence for but a moment, when it went POOF! and disappeared. Link continued to travel through the the maze of stone rooms, encountering many of the spider like creatures, all ending up like the first. Right when Link was about to give up, he found another chest with a sign next to it. This time, the sign said ‘You'll need these if up you want to live.’ Inside the chest was a slingshot with 20 with twenty ember seeds. “Cool,” Link stated. “Well, this is supposed to be the last room.” Link said walking through a doorway. “There's nothing in here!” Link stated, disappointed. “How am I supposed to leave?!” That was when the giant spider dropped in front of Link.

Chapter Five

“It is I, Gohma, Queen of the spiders! Prepare to die a painful ■■■■■!” Link, fearing for his life, was quick to react, taking out his bow and readying an arrow. He pulled it back, aimed at Gohma and released. Or he tried to, at least. Before he released the arrow, the bow snapped! “I can't believe this cost me one hundred rupees!” Gohma laughed. “Puny Hylian! You thought you could defeat me with some sharp sticks? Ha ha ha!” “No, but I think I can defeat you with a flaming seed!” Link shouted, taking out his slingshot. He loaded an ember seed, and released, flinging the ember
seed. It hit Gohma in her eye. “Ahrgh!” She screamed, falling from the ceiling. This is my chance, Link thought. He unsheathed his sword, and started slashing it at the giant arachnid’s head. “Nooo, please! I beg you! I have a lot of parasites to feed!” the beast shrieked. “No way!” Link said. He raised his sword above his head, and thrust it down into Queen Gohma’s eye. The finishing blow killed her, and she poofed out of existence, leaving behind The Clock of Time, one of the Eight essences, a portal out of the cavern, and Link’s Pegasus Shoes. “My Nikes!” Link grabbed his boots, the essence of day, and stepped on the portal. He then got a telepathic message from the Maku Tree. “The well…At the bottom of the well….”
Chapter Six

Link felt every atom in his body rip apart as he was beamed to the center of a town. He then felt them morph together as he began to see the inhabitants of the town starring at him in shock. He realized he looked out of place here, a Hylian in a green tunic admits a town full of humans. “What is the name of this town?” Link asked one of the humans. “K-k-kanalet Vill-ll-age.” A short woman trembled, scared of the sight she saw before her. “Is there a well in this town?” Link asked her. “Y-yes...My child fell down it too moons ago…” “Show me this well, and I shall find your child. I also have some other business to deal with in that well.” The woman led Link to the town well, now boarded up by planks. “Good luck!” The woman said. And with that, Link jumped down the well.


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