My birthday is today! :D


Today is my birthday any suggestions how I should celebrate?


Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday! Maybe play some Pokèmon Go?


I found everyone of the pokemons




Yes I did, I have had the app since it first came out


Happy birthday!


Do you have mew, Mewtwo and dragonite?


I sure do!!!! :heart:️ In have all of them


How can you have mew and Mewtwo! They never spawning!


The more you find the more rare ones come up!


No! If a Pokemon come up then everyone can see it and if you have very much Pokemons then it don't make something with how it spawn


Maybe make a project to
1. Celebrate!
2. keep this HS related :wink:


Happy birthday! You should make a project in hopscotch!


Your birthday is personal information :wink:


@ThePickle a while tht decided we're allowed to tell our names age and bday and that's it honestly no one on the forum can harm u by telling them ur name age and b day it's allowed but u don't have to tell :wink: Ok u can check with the mods these following things r ok


It's not personal info btw. For some reason I wrote a long explanation...
Get Komplekt m8

Personal info is information that is directly linked to you specifically. Like your entire name is specific to you. You whereabouts (specifically) are specific to you. First name is not, because other people have the same first name. Age, other people could be the same age. Birthday, lots of other people could have the same birthday too.



Make a project to celebrate! :D


Im not telling u that but I'm turning 11.


Hi ! Happy birthday ! My birthday is on the 9th September and I am turning 11 too !