My birthday! (Is over. Please restrain from replying on this topic.)


It's my birthday tomorrow!

I wanted to make this today because, on my actual birthday, I'm driving back from vacation, how exciting. XD

I don't know what to say.. life has been pretty depressing until this day. My mom is extremely sick while I'm on vacation, our budget was cut since the robbery so my family could only get one present for me, and my "friends" did absolutely nothing, cheering for another girl who has almost the same birthday as mine.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ well, there's my bday. Yippee.

So many amazing things have happened since this day on here, though, and they've really given me a sense of hope in life, that, you know, things can get better?

And it's close to my anniversary too. XD


I'm so sorry Malty. That's so sad ;-; I hope your family is ok
I didn't get much for my B day either. I got clothes in my actual B day. But the day before I got ears pierced. It hurts.

Anyways hope you and your family is going to be ok!

@Maltese here's a B day card!


Aww im so sorry!
And happy birthday
I hope it goes well


Thanks so much! My sister and I saw it and love it!!


Sorry for all your losses, but happy birthday! Where'd you go for vacation? You can make it broad, like a camp.


I went to a theme park. :D


Aww Malty!
It's ok, I can tell that ur depressed but it's totally fine!
I'm thinking of a surprise for u but I don't know yet...


this is the first time I'm hearing that you were robbed. I'm so sorry!

Happy birthday :revolving_hearts:


Cool! Everyone* likes theme parks lol

*Blanket statement = cringe


I am sorry for anything bad that has happened to you. I wish you a happy birthday! :birthday::balloon::tada::confetti_ball::gift:


I made another poem @Maltese! But I have more stuff too!

So what if your getting older,
There are worse things to be.
Like a goofy, pimply teenager,
With zero self esteem.

So what if you've got a few wrinkles?
There are worse things to have.
Like a case of the small pox,
Or a room at Mom and Dads.

To me your simply wonderful.
Everything about you is just right
So have a happy birthday,
And be happy all night!


Have a Happy Birthday! I hope things get better! And, at least you got a present! :grinning: Have some ice cream.:icecream:


Aww, I hope things get better for you ;-;

And I'll give show you your birthday present tomorrow!!!


Cool! Happy birthday! Wasn't everyone obsessed with you or something in June?


Happy birthday!

My birthday is soon


Happy birthday!
I hope that you will feel better soon...
sigh my parents are arguing again


Happy birthday :slight_smile: !

I hope it will be great!


Did Maltese see this? It took my a lot of time to make.


Happy birthday Malty! Things will get better soon, believe me. I'm so sorry about what's happening ;-;

HAPPY B-DAY! :gift::birthday::tada::balloon:


Hello, I know that I'm bad at these things but
Happy birthday :D

Also here's an early apology for blinding you on your birthday. :,(

I wanted to thank you on your special day, thank you for spreading so much positivity, so much joy. It makes the community a little bit positiver every day. When you post a drawing you make it amazes me, it's always so clean with great proportions. No matter what you say about your art being cringy and nonsense like that, I wanted to tell you that it's amazing. I don't care if you agree with me or not, because its true. You've been telling lies the whole time, tsk tsk tsk Maltese, tsk tsk :,(.

You inspire me so much when you make a project on hopscotch, I could never code pixel art or trail art as good as you! I can barley even make trail art itself. I know you left hopscotch and I can't make you stay, as you do have a life of your own, right? I wish I could make you stay but you have things going on in your life and I shouldn't interfere with your schedule. So I'm just gonna say that your projects are wonderful, and truly amazing. I wish I could trail art like you. ^^

Happy Birthday!! :D

For your peers I don't know why. Just why can't a person judge someone by their personality. If I could I would fly to Florida and try to be your friend. if your peers can't see that your amazing,then they're missing out on a great friend like you!

I was gonna add a little poem here, but it just sounded weird soooo...

Here's a little thing to blind you even more! Yeye! The person holding the balloons is you, it probably doesn't look like you though. The person sitting on the cake is random, she wasn't really necessary and her proportions are awful, I can't draw people sitting down. I guess we could say its pink_roses! :o

I really wish I could've made some other stuff. ;;