My birthday is coming up


I know my birthday is coming up but I am leaving bye nobody likes me


No one ever said they don't like you


Well I am leaving because I am not good at coding


Aye same


Bye bye I don't know how to code I shouldn't be here


Stay in the forum

That's wat I did

Cuz I deleted hopscotch


But I. Don't know what to do I need help more people please join collab



Just stay pls ok thicks gtg


I don't know how to do pixel art though


K bye


The problem is I don't know how to do pixel art teach me someone


Why do you want someone to teach you if you are leaving anyway


I don't know. I am CRAZY


Watch the videos on THT's YouTube channel.
The editor is a bit different but the blocks are still the same.


Okay thx I did that but I wil do again


Try the pix art video.


Okay thx I haven't talked to you for a long time


Hopscotch isn't about being good at coding and being popular. It's about coding, use your creativity and imagination and having fun!


Yes I know I wish someone did something special for me on my birthday


Your birthday isn't even here yet... who knows, someone might be preparing something :wink: