My Birthday challenge/Contest thingy!


My birthday is March 29th.

I guess this is just a challenge for people, if you want to do it you can.

You can make a project of any kind (can be simple or complex) saying Happy birthday to me.
I don’t really care if you post it or not, but there will be rewards/prizes for people who do it.
So I guess it is a win-win


  • Some like 15-20+
  • Shoutout
  • maybe nomination for featured
  • Maybe you will get followed by me.

People who are doing this, have until March 29th but I will accept until March 31st. But only will be giving out prizes/rewards on March 29-31. Probably. Or whenever you turn a project in.

Who knows if any one will do this, it doesn’t matter, but you can if you want.

Friend List: 17


Edit your name below:

People doing this:
@MR.GAM3R (maybe)
@Kitty4U (will try)
@ValueGamesStudio merry birthday!
Not doing it, no HS, but HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TO YOOOOOOOUOUOUOUOUOUUOUOUOUOUOOOOU :3 -I prefer to remain…@anonymous >:)))

Birthday Challenge

Oh! I'll do it! Two words: Pixel Art

Happy early birthday, Dylan!


Thank you.
Woo-hoo 1 person who will be in a win-win thing. Lol


I think all of the forumers follow each other already :>


Yeh pretty much, I don't think I follow everyone, but most well-known people.


lol you've nominated me before and you already follow me XD


I'll pixel art, because I'm the best at that lol
I'll just make the Flameon Pixel Art! Your present! :wink: :gift:


I might take part. I need to see whether I have time or not.


Sorry off topic, but MR.Gam3r's profile picture looks like it was made by a professional drawer lol


I'll try!!! I'm working on an art pad.. Hm.


Maybe it was :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyways, LGBOT, or we can move to my general topic.


Oh darn, you shouldn't have told me lol
Now I know my present xD
But Thanks I think it would be awesome


You like smooth pixel art right? Also, you're turning 13?


I'll put it in ze credits!

Also, that's the present because you seem to like it!


Yeh, probably my favorite. Lol

Im turning 14. Lol

Why do I keep saying lol? Lol. xD. Why do I also say xD. Lol xD


Yeh I like it, looks great so far


Can I say how old you are? XD


Yes I guess you can xD


My birthday is March 26!


Oh, oops. Sorry bout that.