MY big Sen-pie list!



Here I put my sen-pies:
Add ur name here (add more dashes if needed)


Are you joking?


Hey. I like camels. Thanks @DA-BEASTY


P.s I ran out of edits today! Lol


We can run out of edits? Anyways,I changed your title on the OMQL


You can run out of edits?


Can u add the ANSWER PLS :grimacing: Part?




That takes years. I gave up on the 20th question cos i was bored of answering pizza 186 times


I thought you're a 20 pizza old pizza.


thats not true XD i am a 20 year old piza


What no !you're a 20 Pizza old Pizza


How long is a pizzayear anyway?
@FoodDelivery r u going spaz at this time yet?


No, I go spaz when i eat a night snak


And i eat night snaks every night


Have some chocolate stuff!


They ran out cos i ate them all no joke XD


Nah im joking i didnt have anything


Eh dont say my brothers name


Idk.. maybe a day? Coz pizza gets rotten IDK