My beta is crashing



I have not been able to get on the beta because whenever I click it it crashes. What's wrong with it?


Make sure you trust the developer in your settings! If you did that, restart your iPad I guess?


I know this is off topic, but how do you trust the developer?


@CutiesCuties that's fine, here's how to do that (it was also in Hopscotch's email at the bottom)

@TheAquamarineWolf you can restart your iPad like @CreativeCoder said. Have you also deleted your old beta and reinstalled the new one like the Hopscotch Team mentioned in the new beta email?


I tried reinstalling the new one and it didn't work. I have not tried restarting my iPad but my settings look different then in that GIF


Make sure your IPad is up to date.


It is:pensive::open_mouth::frowning: must be 20 characters


Is the beta an official app like when you delete it does it stay in the app store purchased tab


No, Hopscotch Beta is through HockeyRink or something like that, not the App Store