My backup account! (HopscotchRemixer)


Well I don’t know if everyone knows. @TheCoders this is my back up account. Just in case if I ever can’t get into my other one.


Ok, hello. XD welcome to the forum


Yeah that is my back up account.


I am not new lol XD.


I know XD but this kid RemixerHopscotch is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:


Wow. :open_mouth:

You have a great sense of name!

Anyways, I guess…Welcome? xD.


Did you loose your acont or somethig?


Okay, thanks for telling us!

I just think that he wanted to have a backup account just in case, like @BB-Box_Backup.


Alright, cool :ok_hand:t4:


No I didn’t lose my account it is just in case if I do, better to tell you know rather than lose it, and try to convince people that it is me.


Yay, now I am a member, this can be my spam like account now :smiling_imp:


Spamlike me because I already have like 200 notifications and you’re evil


im out of likes help


Thanks for the heads up!

That is a good idea for people like me, who can’t keep track of usernames and passwords…


I plan on being active on my alt account unlike everyone else’s alt account


Hmm i should make an alt


Maybe you should, invite the new user to the new email and you can get the promoter badge


Made the acount but posts and stuff are pending


Uuuu made my backup


Heres me backup acount.