My background keeps disappearing SOLVED



This is a newer version of my game that I just re came out with
The first remake version: (not the one that is bugged)

First version:

Anyways, in the first remake version, you can see that I have the same background in both accounts. For the newer version, ( one of the updates I wanted to have different backgrounds for each account. When I did that, after a few seconds they disappear. I checked the code of that object, and nothing seemed wrong. I was wondering if someone could tell me why that was happening. @CodeHelp


You’ve got grow by percents.
The rules keep repeating when Actual Profile equals 1 or 2, so the object continuously grow by 1400 percent, and eventually I guess it gets too much for the project to handle and the object disappears.
Just change it to Set Size Percents and that’ll fix it.


@tankt2016 has probably been more of a help than me but what I did was I just made the set colour block repeat forever and that appears to have fixed it.

It’s probably something to do with either the values system, or the grow by percent block.


Tankt and Madsie05 have gotten it already so I can’t do much other than repeat them.


Thanks for the help @tankt2016 and @Madsie05!


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