My awards with trophies


So there is where I give rewards to different hopscotchers for different categories. The hopscotchers that win, get a trophy or a logo

I will give the prizes tomorrow because I'm going to bed
the winners are all my opinions
Awesome leader ( didn't actually have to be a leader on the forum): @KVJ @BuildASnowman @Kiwicute2013
Most helpful: @KVJ @BuildASnowman
Best coders: @MagmaPOP @SmileyAlyssa @Kiwicute2013
Best pixel art: @PixelMaster64 @FoodDelivery @Intellection74
Best featured project rn: @FoodDelivery @Funky_63_Greenland
Best friend: @Sweetlina @SmileyAlyssa @KVJ @EnchantedAnimallover
Nicest: @Explorer_ @EnchantedAnimallover @SmileyAlyssa @Sweetlina
I'm not done yet



Good night!

See you tormmow


Cya tomorrow:)









Thanks so much!! ;u;


Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! ;u;


You are way too nice @Ella_13 :0


Ur welcome. I'm gonna have the community vote on the overall winner for each category!

Edit: thank you so much:)


Than you very much!!
You are so kind and thoughtful


Thanks so much @Ella_13 but I dont really understand what this is! Can someone pls explain!


What did I do to get my name there?


So it's still a work in progress. Basically I'm gonna pick 3/4 that I think deserve the award. Then I'm gonna have the community vote on the winner. The winner gets a logo or trophy


Okay can I "enter"?


Well I pick.
So if I think u r the winner of one of the categories then u will be picked


Okay!! I hope I get picked!!


So now is the voting time. Please vote in each poll. Please vote for who you think you be the winner of that category. The winner gets a logo or trophy (see the logo I made for kvj). The logo will say their name and what category they won. Let's just say that you don't agree with my picks. Let's just say that u think bob is the best at pixel art. Then u pick other. In the comments write, " best pixel art- @ bob. " I will then add them to the poll or make a new one. Please don't pick other and not write who u think should be the other. Please start voting right away!

Awesome leader

Most helpful

Best coder

Best pixel art

Best friend


tag list




If u vote other then please write down who u think should win. If u pick other for nicest person then please write down who u think the nicest person is