My Artificial Intelligence Code Doesn't Work -- Help please! {Solved -- thank you! Any input?]



Sometimes when I am moving my mouse in the web player, for a split second it shows some text. :confused:

It says something like “I can fix that.” :thinking: It might also say “I get bored, too.”


Also, I can only click blue…


Huh… wierd… I think that that may be the browser glitching out, but I will work on fixing that bug, too :slight_smile:


Do you still need help?


Yes, that would be great! A new version is coming out very soon – give me a sec.


Okay, here’s the new version:



@WynFrens, I’m sorry for tagging you twice but if any of you are free right now, please do some simple debugging :slight_smile:
Thank you so much! I will credit you – the new version is both on the original post or the post above this one.


I definitely would, Wyn, but I can barely code, yet debug. Sorry friend! :000


@WynterDiamond Ok! I will do that right away!


Thank you both @photographer123 and @Work_kids_coding! It’s completely okay that you can’t debug Photo – I can’t draw nearly as well as you! Thank you so much Work_kids_coding, it seems like there is just a little glitch that is causing a big problem :slight_smile:


@WynterDiamond Is it okay if I rewrite the value system? I could make it a lot less laggy


No problem Wyn! And thank u! im sure you could draw better than I do :PPP


@Work_kids_coding, sure, I would be open to that :slight_smile:
@photographer123, nope – definitely not better at drawing :stuck_out_tongue:


NOPE but thank you! ;33 :000


Okay – there isn’t any other place where I can get in a fight with someone else over who is worse at art :stuck_out_tongue:
Let’s say that we’re both good at art in different ways :slight_smile:


@WynterDiamond You didn’t have to use that many value blocks to accomplish the tasks required in the program. It is really weird to me how the values are set up…


Wait is it fixed now


Yeah, I ended up creating some variables that I didn’t need – I took some of the ideas from MR.GAM3R – the Question/Answer/Response variable means that when the variable is set to 1, the text is showing a question, when the variable is 2, the text is showing a set of answers, and when the variable is 3, the text is showing a response to a question. Some of the variables are erroneous. The i variable is to represent a temporary variable.


No, it’s not :slight_smile:
But part of my homework was to get input from other people – if you have any ideas or debugging tips please help! Thank you!


Yeah, I get to be the fix it man