My art club! Top 15 Get In!


Hey Hopscotch! I'm starting an art club! To join, see the form on my Crazy Crawfish Draws profile. Signups end on February 17th, and only the top 15 get in! The following can get in if they want!

If you want to join, you're in!

The Chesire Cat's Tree
@Kiwicute2016 )

Thanks for reading!


Could I join?? I love to draw!!


Can I Join???!?!?!?!???????!???????



Fill out the form on my profile!


Fill out the form on my profile! Top 20 get in
EDIT: top 15


May I join please?


i fill it out afta schoool


Fill out the form! 20202020


May i join!!!???????? Please


Check my drawing account and fill out the form!


You still have to do the form!


Ok can you give me the link?



Ok, I did it


Did you republish? If not do it again. Just being safe!


I did


I'll do it again though


You don't have to, I just didn't want to check :stuck_out_tongue: I'm that lazy


Ok. I didn't anyways, cuz I'm lazy too and I totally forgot


Ok! Thanks! I have filled it out!