My art club & requests


So, I've started an art club on hopscotch but It hasn't gotten much attention...:cold_sweat:
I'd really like for some people to sign up!
It's this form right here:

I'm also accepting both Chibi and Anime requests... If you want you can send it to me through comment, and I'll replay with my drawing!


I might join, can u give a link to it?


I can't, sorry, but if you go to hopscotch and search "OnceUponATime-on-", you will find my profile and the signup will be on my profile, somewhere near the top.


Going to join on the account "MYD and Tankt2016's Art".


Cool! Thanks! :blush:


Okay, did it. And also, the art on the account "2HappyCoders", I did that sphere. And it's not the best, there's not enough space, no colors, and no width, and the questions are a little too small. So, it's not my best.


It's fine! Don't worry.