My game


I have made an agario game and I want to share it. It is unlike many agario games. It has an end less map. It took me forever so I would like to get credit for it. Here's the link Agario game.
Also please vote here. Play the game before voting please.

  • Is it a fun game.
  • Is it not a fun game.
  • It is too laggy.



Great game! Maybe include some instructions as I dint know how to play!


Ok, thanks I'll put it in the update.


That's an awesome game! The one problem is that it is kind of hard to move, maybe you could make the joystick more flexible? Other than that, the game is amazing


Make the movement more smooth, (or maybe it's just my computer idk I'm on my computer) otherwise it's REALLY GREAT! way better than I can do anyway.


This is really fun to play!

But it is very, very laggy so when you update it try to fix the lag (:


It lags on my iPad too.


I know in the update it will be less laggy.


Cool! It's still a very fun game!