My activity is broken!



So I have been getting likes on my projects and the like number has been increasing and I have been getting more like on the last couple hours (when I was sleeping) because last night I had 30 likes and now I have 40 likes but it says that I have had no likes in the last 20 hours but on my projects it has been increasing! Also people have remixed my projects and it dose not say that either! Please help!!!!!


Where it says how many likes you have is increasing but my activity says that I haven't had any thing in the last 20 hours but I have!


Me too! I'm sad! Cuz I've been getting alotta likes and I wanna follow the people who gave them to me! I cri.


What is happening!:confused::pensive::confounded::weary::tired_face::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


@liza, I got 60 likes on a project and my activity is blank!


Wait so is this happening to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! If so @liza please fix this!
Cries a little then a lot


Guys, relax. It is just a bug. Don't freak out. I'm sure they will come back soon.


But but my followers and and the peeps who like ma stuff!


It has happened before...
I hope they fix it soon!


Is this,happening to everyone? This happen to @LotsaPizza A long time ago I think? It is also happening to my friend!


Still happening to me! @Liza @Rodrigo @Kiwicute2016


It happens every so often. Relax, it'll be fixed soon. Also, when it happens to you, just assume it's the same for everyone. It usually is affecting everyone at once, like now. Nothing to worry about.


Thanks I shall not be named also my oc Emily will come visit! Thanks for the follow! I will do my best to code her in there ok will go beck to topic!